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A digital pressure gauges are much preferred option in market these days, as it offers precision measurement of pressure in just any commercial, industrial or private sectors. It offers much superior performance level as pared to mechanical gauges and can measure pressure with high accuracy and precision. Among its most prominent application areas are in industries like refineries, food processing, pharmaceutical, HVAC and semiconductor to name a few. While there are variations in features, there are also variations in sizes and shapes, as per differences in brands. Then there are different varieties that offer different output, as per individual consumer requirement.
In this article, I would especially emphasize on varieties as per the technology used for it.
There are gauges that use mechanical deflection with an elastic or flexible element such as a diaphragm. This helps in faster response to the all types of pressure changes. (It needs to be mentioned here that all gauges with a bridge circuit also use a diaphragm). This is to detect capacitance changes in a better way.
Some digital gauges also use strain-sensitive variable resistors in bridge circuits for precision measurements.
You can also get pistons, vibrating elements, micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS), in your gauges to sense changes in pressure.
Then there is a variety that uses piezoelectric sensors for measurement of dynamic and quasi-state pressure.
Nowadays, it is possible to get all the latest varieties of digital pressure gauges varieties online. In fact, this is the best option, as here you can get access to a wide variety from different brands. However, before getting any digital gauges of your requirement, it is important that you keep a note of the following :
Check for accuracy - always refer to ASME B40.100 or the DIN specifications to avail more information on accuracy.
Case style / material - the outer case of the digital gauges should be durable enough to withstand all kinds of work conditions like extreme temperature, resist air born particulate, humidity and other chemicals. The case should either be weather proof or hermetically sealed.
Dial Size - These days the gauges comes in a wide range of sizes. While deciding the dial size of pressure calibration equipment, temperature calibrators like readability, space limitations, mobility etc.
Always look out carefully for these digital pressure gauges varieties in market that offers more features like greater durability, better performance, safety, or higher productivity, with cost effectiveness.
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