HS317L Electric Pressure Comparator

◆ First model ,unique design
◆ Steady & Servo control pressure
◆ Five pieces outputs ,make calibration more efficient
◆ Generated pressure range: (0~60)bar

Product Description

HS317L Steady Servo Electrical Pressure Calibrator adopts  gas-oil push principle. the extra air sources give active power to pre-pressure for the whole calibrating system,perfectly instead of the heavy and compiex hand work operation. Servo control pressure and dynamic equilibrium design that make the pressure values very exact and stability. Pressur regulator adjust the exact pressure value with the min adjust resolution 1kPa. Very save labor ,only a finger can pressurize to full scale. 5pcs pressure output interface with stainless steel material .that can calibrate four pressure gauges once time. The quick coupling is easy to install pressure instrument without using the wrenches. This instrument is easy to operate and very rapidly generate the required testing pressure, providing precise pressure control, only needs less than 5s to stabilize the pressure. Following the points above mentioned, It’s main features is in saving both effort and time, which is very suitable to do heavy & repeat calibration.

Technical Specification

◆ Generated pressure range: (0~60)bar                                                      
◆ Working medium:  Oil/ Distilled water
◆ Stability speed:  Within 5S each point
◆ Material:  Steel for main body
                         Body:Output part: stainless steel
◆ Output interface connection:   M2.0×1.5(Female) 5pcs
◆ Net weighs:  24kg
◆ Dimensions:  850L×320W×250H (mm)
◆ Package:Plywood case


HS317L is suitable for large quantities and repetitive calibrating work. it is widely used in the industries of power, chemical, petrol, metallurgy, metering, etc.


◆ Transparent oil cup ,that easy to check the work media
◆ Easy to operate and rapidly generate the required pressure by only a finger
◆ 5pcs output interface .make the calibration more efficient

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