HX2011 Oil-gas separator

Working pressure range (0~100)bar; (0~200)bar


1. Connection port 1: Use for connect products under test, size is M20*1.5 female,
2. Connection port 2: Use for connect pressure comparator, size is M20*1.5 male.
3. Handle of drain valve: Turn off the drain port clockwise, and open the drain port
4. Drain port: Used to drain off the remaining oil
5. O rings : Seal function
6. Inner core extracting rod: pick up this rod when change the O-rings inside or repair it.


1. Take off the Inner core extracting road before using, to check the O-rings inside the outputs ok
or not.
2. Connect this item on the pressure comparator ( or other pressure generator) and tighten it.
3. Connect the products under test on the connection port 1
4. Close the drain port by rotate the handle of drain valve clockwise.
5. Start the calibration job step by step.


1. Open the handle of drain ports, to outlet the oil inside the separator timely.
2. This products is limited to separate oil and gas on the pneumatic pressure test pump. And No
extra range use is prohibited.

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