HX1039 Oil-water separator

Working pressure range (0~600)bar; (0~700)bar


This products mainly used for Oxygen gauge, Acetylene Meter and other non-oil instrument, also can be used to maintenance,cleaning, isolation pollution and corrosion Protection and so on.


Pressure range: (0~600)bar
Dimension: Φ88 X 189mm
Connection: M20*1.5
Compressed volume cavity: 137ml
Working media: Water, Transform oil , Non corrosive liquid.


Nut: Seal the separator when it do not work.
Quick adapter: Size is N201.5Female, used to quick connect The products under test.

O -ring: size is ∮ 9×2.65

Bleed Screw: Used to input water or other media into the separator

Separator Cavity: Store and Isolate the medium.

Stud: Size is M201.5Male, used to connect pressure comparator


1. Connect the separator with pressure comparator, then input full water or other media from bleed screw into the separator by special tools ( such as syringe, rubber pipette bulb and so on).
2. Tighten the bleed screw. Then take off the nut, connect it with products under test. Next ,start the calibration works.
3. After finish the calibration work, if remove the separator, please keep it stand vertically, to prevent the media from flowing out.
4. For the first use of this separator, please reminder input water, general replenishment water after calibrating 15 to 20pcs pressure gauge.
5. If the indication pressure very small or zero after generate pressure some times, please add water timely, to avoid break the separator completely.


1. Clean the top of the separator with neutral detergent.
2. If there have scale inside it, it is normal, can be used continue. Or add some anti rust gent to continue using.
3. This product is limited to the separation of non corrosive liquid media, and can use it for over pressure range.

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