HS721 Pneumatic Comparator

◆ Pressure Range: (-0.95~60) bar; (-0.95~140)bar
◆ Working Media: Air
◆ Weight: 14.8Kg

Product Description

HS721 Pneumatic Pressure Comparison  Pump is designed with a reverse valve, generated pressure from vacuum to 140bar.The F-adjust valve could accomplish 10Pa (0.1mbar) pressure resolution. Having 3 outputs with fast fittings, which is more effective to calibrate 2pcs under test pressure instruments together. A built-in gas-oil isolator keeps the pump from oil impurity avoid some unnecessary maintenance. Especially the lever lead screw design makes user operate in economize labor. It widely calibrates pressure instruments in the laboratory.

Technical Specification

◆ Generated pressure range:(-0.95~60)bar;(-0.95~140)bar

◆ Working media: Air

◆ Adjust resolution:10Pa(0.1mbar)

◆ Material : Body:Stainless Steel/Aluminium


◆ Output interface connection:  M20×1.5Female

◆ Weight:14.8kg

◆ Dimensions:380L×380W×200H (mm)


HS721 provides pressure measurement for calibrating pressure (differential pressure) transmitter, precision pressure gauge, general pressure gauge and other pressure instruments.

It can be extensively used in power, chemical, petrol, metallurgy, metering, military industry, etc.


◆ Food grade stainless steel and hermetic technology in the military industry

◆ High precision, stable pressure generating, easy operation.

◆ Wide pressurized range, high vacuum degree

◆ High reliability, Wide micro-adjusting range

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