HS108 Digital Pressure Gauge

◆ Pressure range::(-1-0)bar, (0-2500)bar
(any range within these two range)
◆ Accuracy:±0.025% F.S;0.05%f.s; 0.1%f.s

Product Description

HS108 Digital Pressure Gauge is portable, high-accuracy test gauge. With advanced state-of-the-art silicon pressure sensors and microprocessor technology , HS108 provides an accurate, reliable and economic solution for pressure application in the industries of Power,chemical, petrol, metallurgy, metering, etc.
Every HS108 digital pressure gauge pass the high and lower temperature aging,so it could assure the products more accurate and reliable.

Technical specification

◆ Accuracy:±0.025% F.S , ±0.05% F.S , ±0.1%F.S,
◆ Pressure range: (-1-0)bar, (0-2500)bar (any range within these two range).
◆ Work medium: Oil, water& noncorssive gases .
◆ Over pressure alarm function
◆ 6 digits big LCD with blacklight
◆ Pressure unit: Pa, kPa, MPa, psi, bar, mbar, kgf/cm2,mmH2O , mmHg
◆ Compensated temperature:( 0- 50)°C
◆ Pressure Connection:M20*1.5, or 1/4”NPT male thread(or customized)
◆ Battery: One piece 7.4V lithium and special charger ,Battery using life: 80 hours
◆ Case material: ABS Plastic
◆ Communication: RS232
◆ Dimensions:Φ95mmx49mm. Total Height:166mm
◆ Weight:0.75kg


◆ Pressure ranges to 2500 bar
◆ High accuracy up to ±0.025%F.S
◆ Nine selectable pressure units
◆ Advanced temperature compensation: 0°C to 50°C
◆ Large , easy to read with 6-digit resolution
◆ % Pressure indication with bar graph
◆ Backlight and RS232 serial interface
◆ 7.4V Rechargeable battery or AC adapter
◆ Max/Min values function
◆ CE Approval

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HS108 Digital Pressure Gauge

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