HX601 Digital Pressure Gauge

◆ Pressure range::(-1-0)bar, (0-700)bar
(any range within these two range)
◆ Accuracy::±0.05%F.S; 0.1%f.s, 0.2%f.s 0.5%f.s
◆ Display:5 digits with 14mm character height

Product Description

HX601 Digital Pressure Gauge adopts micro power components and unique software processing technology. Adopting Li-battery power, it could work 24 hours continuously for 2 years. With 5-digit large crystal screen, the data could be showed more clearly. Every HX601 has passed the high and lower temperature aging thus to ensure more reliable precision. The product has been used in the industries of power, chemical, petrol, metallurgy, metering, etc.

Technical specification

◆ Accuracy:±0.05%F.S,±0.1%F.S,±0.2%F.S, ,±0.5%F.S.
◆ Units kPa, Pa, psi, kgf/cm²,bar,mbar,mmH2O,mmHg,MPa .
◆ Temperature compensating range(0-50)℃
◆ Range: (-1-0)bar, (0-700)bar,(any range within this two range).
◆ Display: 5 digits with 14mm character height. 
◆ Connection:M20*1.5, or 1/4”NPT male thread(or customized)
◆ Dimensions:Φ92.6mm×41mm.Weight:0.5kg.Height:133mm


◆ Low Power Consumption: 1pc disposable 3.6Vdc Lithium battery.
◆ 5-digit big LCD with backlight function
◆ 9 Pressure Units selectable 
◆ Zero point, full scale calibration function 
◆ Adopting the special software treatment technology, it is unnecessary to preheat.
◆ RS232 Communication Port can communicate with the computer conveniently. 
◆ Temperature compensating 
◆ Overload alarm function
◆ % indication with bar graph scale for visual regerence
◆ Stainless steel bottom connection for robustness
◆ Equipped with rugged aluminum alloy cover; lighter weight
◆ CE&EX approved

Selection Sheet

HX601 Digital Pressure Gauge
HX601 Digital Pressure Gauge

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